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digital printing

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Hi all,
It's my little princess 10th birthday in the coming month. Her each birthday is very special for me and on her day I want her to be the happiest girl in the world. Ten years of our life with her was so beautiful and we want the rest of the life to be so. She always showed interest in cooking. Whenever I bake cakes, she joins with me for help. Something else that she loved to do is to watch the Grojband show. She always enjoys watching it.

We usually arrange her birthday party at our home. But this time we have decided to celebrate it at any birthday party place. For the past few weeks, I was in search for the best one. And finally, I got to know about Le Dolci. The main reason I chose Le Dolci is that they offer two party specials. One is the cupcake party and another one is pizza. I choose the cupcake party because they arrange a session where kids can decorate cupcakes which will make them happier.

Next, part of our party is the dress code. Many ideas came up. But I thought why not her favourite cartoon characters can be on all our dress. And finally, I fixed it. I decided to get T-shirts to be printed with Grojband show characters on it. But I didn't find any digital printers in Toronto. Can anyone suggest me? Waiting for your reply.

Thank You in advance.
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