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Digital painting in Photoshop

Hey everyone! I really want to expand my design skills and I'm interested in learning how to paint in Photoshop. Does anyone know a good resource where I can learn this from? I see a lot of these tutorials in DeviantArt but I can't seem to find one that's simple enough for me to follow... Can anyone help me? Thank you very much! :)
Sure! Some of my work are uploaded on Behance, you can go check it out at www.behance.net/getchilly . Comments and feedback are very much appreciated :D


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Nice work. :)

I think the resident PS guys around her are Jimlad and Wardy.
They're really good at that kind of thing and might be able to give you some pointers.

I'm a vector guy unfortunately.


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Thanks Scotty, you do say the nicest things.

Hi Chilly, as Alex said your best bet would be trawling Youtube with terms like "Beginners", "Photoshop" and "Painting", but I'm interested to know what style of digital painting interests you? Are you looking to create realistic paintings? More abstract/fantasy work? Or comc-style art with bold lines and colours? If the latter is your thing, I suggest looking up Patrick Brown. He has Deviant Art and Facebook accounts as well as some tutorials on YouTube about his particular style of colouring. Not quite painting, but it could be a start for you.
Thanks Scotty! Hey Jim, I'm interested in learning the techniques of realistic painting in Photoshop. I figure if I knew about these basics, it might be easier for me to try out different styles. I'll try looking around on Youtube, have you got any good reference videos in mind? Thank you :D


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Yes, YouTube is definitely the way to go these days, just put in Photoshop painting and go from there. I used to buy books but then hardly touch them. Barring that, just open Photoshop, grab a few brushes and have a go.
Make sure you know what all your tools do, there's some I've still never used!

If you're talking design skills, don't forget Ai though.