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Different Style of Portfolio Site


I'm playing with this different style of web portfolio as frankly I just got bored with my other one thats the standard header, 3 boxes under, 3 boxes under that, footer, etc... I like the fact its not like very other bloody design site on earth. yawn...

I think its going to become primarly a blog to be honest but just building it up. Its quite a weird one cos the portfolio is the home page, there are no sections to speak of. Its good in that it makes you think what are the 15 most popular pieces. In my defence, ive started posting the pieces that get me the most work on my other site, not my personal favourites, as there's no point being precious, im in it for the money and if I wasn't i'd be a fine artist.

The plusses? Its responsive. Take a look, slide the browser window around or look at it on your phone or tablet. The negatives? I dunno.... and this is where you come in.

Comments welcomed honestly, im looking for constructive comments, not 'i dont like it'. I know I will get some really good pointers here so please fire away, thanks in advance and i'll be checking back when I can :)




Staff member
well I suppose you've moved away from the header followed by 3 boxes followed by 3 boxes under that etc.... now you've got the header followed by 1 box (split 2 to 1 with image/text... so it's still 3 parts) followed by another 1 box etc.... :p Fundamentally it's still the same layout if you think about it
Haha, bloody hell you're right! Oh ****. Ah well, looks like thats what i will be stuck with then. And there was me thinking id been clever :) Never mind. Cheers Levi....


Staff member
I wouldn't worry over it, the site as a whole looks ok to me and theres a reason that people stick to the 2/3 splits in most designs, it's visually pleasing :)
I think it works (< as in my opinion, no pun intended) I just keep scrolling down... it's really good stuff! Generally speaking, I find that people will scroll and scroll, mainly when they are on a site to see images/photos/design so it works great. Are you intending on keeping just to the 3 pages? I wasn't too sure in terms of the order/logic in which the areas are in... from what I see its the following:

header > 'intro' > illustration > logo > logo > book cover > website > leaflet > illustration > contact > footer

These are just the impressions I get when scrolling down- any reason for this order?

Also, why is the 'Property Marketing Services' taking the whole width with text below it, compared to the others that don't have that layout?
Ta fella, the order is being built up at the moment, i think there will be another 8 'sections' and then I will reorder to make a story if you like. I tneeds reminders or calls to actions to break it up and like you say logo, logo doenst work.

It will be just the 3 pages as the blog will be the focus. A case study of each logo design etc that is linked to from the homepage.

Regards the property marketing services, that was an experiment using a different portfolio style. I think it will be more appropriate long term for logo design or generic sections that can show differing works, such as web, logo, print - then the others can be highlights if you like.

Its all a bit of fun and as its not my 'money' site, I can play with it, try stuff out and build it up with no pressure at the mo. Thanks for the kind words though mate, appreciate it and will keep working on it until im happy (ie never haha)