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Diana F+


Senior Member
Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone has knowledge / owns a Diana F+ Camera

A friend told me to look into one as a fun option to begin into photography/lomography

So hence thought I'd ask over here to hear people's opinions...




Senior Member
I think my boyfriend got one for Christmas might have been a mini version if there is such thing... but I know it was a Diana something. I had a play around with it (as he was clearly not intrested) but I had only recently got my DSLR so I was more into that! We haven't had any developed from it yet but the manual book looked really cool.

Are you thinking of getting one?


Senior Member
Yeh there is a mini version ( I was told to avoid it as it's too small for human hands ;) )

And I was thinking of getting one as a present, I love the style of photo it produces, but then I worry that it might be better to just get a vintage / 2nd hand film SLR off ebay instead for similar costs...

Hmm decisions decisions

Would probably be killed if I bought anything anyway