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Designing for folder templates


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Anyone had much experience designing for folder templates? I mean i know there will be a template before it goes to print but you wouldn't design upside down etc... this is probably a stupid question!!


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A4 and A5 with d-lock and business card slots... I just want to know would you get the template from the printer and just design staright on there? but obisouly a template laid out flat would have bits upside down... so not sure how i would onto design this?


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Have you already arranged for a template from printer as if not they may need to design a die for it as not all printers will have one, also they may not have a template if the die is old.....

If yes, then you just have to decide what you want where and work out from the layout where it will end up. is easy enough when you have it in front of you. can print a scaled down version on a4 if you're unsure.
Design your own.

If your doing it Freehand or illustrator - draw out your outline (if its A4) 216 x 313 x 2 (with the upside down bits) as if it were unglued or flat - include the fold lines and the capacity and the pocket and have all of this on a seperate layer - if your sending this as a pdf to the printer use a spot and call it 'dieline do not print' or similar.

Should be relatively easy for a designer.


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Yeah i've already arranged what die we're getting, i would usually design it in indesign but i think it looks as if it will be easier to lay it out in illustrator or freehand. That's pretty much what i thought i would have to do i was just thinking... "I wonder if there is an easier way"! :)

Ok thanks for your replies!!

Tom Sound

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there's a load of templates here to download for folders and all sorts.


If you use a printer's existing template they will have all the tooling in place so will be cheaper to produce. Check with whichever printer you use though as they will/may have their own templates to match their die.

As for designing upside down :D you can always select all and rotate your artwork.

Best thing to do is print it out on A4 and make a small mockup.

Hope this helps

oooh thanx for the link Tom, those templates are nice and clear with bleed etc so that makes it seem easier now!

Lol and there's me thinking i would have to do a handstand to design the flap! ha only joking :D