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Designing and licensing a Product

I am new here and would like to post this message to the forum.
I would like to know if anyone has designed a product and had success licensing this to a company
I have designed an electronic product.
as far as I can see, my options are, manufacturing the product myself (which would be very expensive) or trying to license/sell the idea to a company already established.
Has anyone here been in this position or done this, if you have I would like to hear your views.
From my own brief research I found most companies have their own designer team and would not accept ideas from anyone.
also will I run the risk of having my idea copied. my idea/design cannot get a patent.
If I sugested they sign a NDA would a company bother before seeing it,
I would appreciate your views.


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I'll be honest here, I don't normally deal with this side of the business
First - I'm going to take a stab at the patent aspect, you can't get a patent because there is already one, because the idea is so obvious it's probably not worth getting a patent or you don't believe enough in your product to actually pay out for the patent (it's not cheap)
You stating your idea/design cannot get a patent basically says it's worthless to a business that have to invest in it in my opinion. The reason I say it's worthless is because within minutes of the design being made public it would be copied at cheaper prices with NO protection for the business that has invested.
Now don't get me wrong the idea might be great but honestly an idea is generally not worth much, it's the patents/sales potential that counts.
oh and you forgot about dragons den.... ie investment companies, if the product is worthwhile they'll invest in it.
Hello Again,
Thanks for your replies. If I can just say, your point about the product design being "worthless" without a patent is a valid one.
However, I'm pretty sure there are products and variations of products on the market without patent?
I cannot patent my idea, its a dab radio. I don't know what is meant by mentioning 3D printing. I have a 3D digital image. I was just wondering if any designers here have submitted designs ( without patent ) and been successful with licencing.
Thanks for your comments...


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DAB radio... yeah that's just a normal radio which uses the digital radio spectrum rather than the old analogue one....
Sorry but how is this new, at best it will be a new casing (iirc you can patent/register the 'look' of a product) with improved processing/sound equipment inside it. All this has been done before.
Hate to say it but I can't see any reason for you to take this product any further, it's not like dab radio's are massive sellers in the first place.
If you want to send me a pm with more info feel free but at the moment like I say I can't see any reason to take it further. I have a non disclosure policy with ALL work that I work with, this is automatic on my end but I'd be happy to agree to it separately too if you want

Tony Hardy

Squiddy said:
What kind of product is it? Have you considered 3D printing?
Sorry to hijack a thread here folks. But, 3D printers. MY GOD how much do I want to have a go with one of them? They look unreal!


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I have played with 3d printing, not recently but when I was at uni. The tech was still new then so was no where near the current quality. They're ok but slow, having said that I keep wanting to grab one for my business, they start around £750 (iirc) for a cheaper model these days but it's single colour and I'd want more than 1 colour so it costs a bit more... plus it's a case of wanting something I'm not likely to use much lol