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designing a military walker vehicle

Discussion in 'Product Design, 3D & CAD' started by Electronic-fox, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. Electronic-fox

    Electronic-fox Junior Member

    Ive worked in 3d a few times, but only recreationally (and im currently doing a project for college), so i have a little experience with it

    my current WIP is a military walker drone with tracks under the feet.
    walker drone WIP by ~electronic-fox on deviantART
  2. Recapture

    Recapture Junior Member

    That is really good! Ha I also love the drawing you did (how did you do it?), reminds me of the flash game Age of War.
  3. Electronic-fox

    Electronic-fox Junior Member

    the drawing was done is a program called paint tool sai, and using a wacom pen and touch.
  4. WhyAyeDesign

    WhyAyeDesign Junior Member

    You post reminded me of a walker drone in development, have you seen [ame=""]this [/ame]?

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