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Designing a logo for yourself!

Hey, having a bit of trouble with designing a logo for myself and im just wondering if anybody else has had trouble with it and how the overcame the obstacles.
Thanks alot
rossnorthernunion said:
Stop. Think. Listen.

Who are you?
What do you do?
What is your name?
What makes you different from your competiition?

Pen + Paper + Brain = Ideas.
I like you!! :cool:

I also like full detailed posts, just like you, from the OP to detail the above. Its like saying "I need to buy a car" - 'kin hell ... narrow it down a bit fella! :up:;)


Active Member
Get someone else to do it for you.
they will think objectively.
treat the project like you would treat a clients project.
This is business. look it that way, don't be subjective. If your too close then step back.