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Designers Wanted

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We're looking for another designer to join our books for over-flow purposes.

The majority of work is site design work, however, we do have the odd bit of print work that needs doing.

Here's what we are looking for:

- Proficient, tidy design work
- The ability to create inspiring 'web 2.0' works, but also when needed, to pull a nice looking corporate site out of the bag
- Must meet deadlines
- Experienced Adobe/Macromedia user
- Vector work a plus

In the first instance, please email me on khalid atsign pixelcraze dot com with :

- 3 recent site designs you have done
- Your average turnaround
- Your price
- Anything else you feel is necessary



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Hi Khalid,

Just to confirm you're looking for designers to put together site designs in layered PSD/PNG format ready for your guys at Pixelcraze to code/develop? Or are you after design and then slicing to HTML/CSS also? Just so everyone knows what sort of info they should be e-mailing in terms of prices :)



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Sorry guys, been manic!

I've now filled the slot, but always interested in new talent.

We're only interested in the PSD layouts - we'll do all the coding at our end!
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