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Designer required - ideal student portfolio piece

Hi guys

I'm working on a Flash portfolio site framework, designed to be very flexible and user-friendly. The site is small and expandable, which means that the portfolio owner can keep uploading content and the site 're-builds' itself, so the user doesn't need to contact me every time they want to update it.

The code is almost working perfectly. The snag is that I'm not much of a designer!

The other snag is that I'm working on this for nothing. I'm doing it as a really nice portfolio piece, and I'm hoping there's somebody on here that wants to do the same.

I need a design that's relatively neutral and clean. The idea is to be able to distribute this framework to whoever needs it (your good selves included) and it look good whatever the subject matter of the photos is.

If anyone's interested in helping me out, it would be massively appreciated! Again, I'm working for free myself, but whoever helps me out will get a full version of the site to use as they please, and I can also tailor the working of it to suit whoever wants it.

I can't imagine this would be an immensely lengthy thing to knock out for you talented folks, just some nice typography and some sort of navigation design.

Thanks in advance! :)