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Designer for website illustrations (drawing from pictures)

Hello, I'm in the process of developing a website revolving around sports.
A lot of the pages will contain boring dry texts and i'd like to illustrate the pages somewhat.

One of the ideas i have is to take pictures and turn them into drawings and then use those to illustrate the pages. So a drawing of a sports person would go in a corner of a page for example. Having a drawing rather than a picture adds a more unique touch and it should also be easier create shapes that fit the page rather than work around an image.

I know there is software available to automatically convert a picture to a drawing but usually, at least what i've seen so far, the result is exactly what it looks like: a drawing converted from a picture. I'm looking for someone who can do a bit more than that and at least make the drawing look like an actual drawing.

If there's anyone who could make drawings from scratch even better.

Basically show me a few examples of what you can do, possibly with price indication, and we'll see from there.