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Designer charged $18,000 for his OWN work


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That's pretty messed up. Although I think that if they go to court, the stock site will have to reveal all the info and it will be obvious that Jon is the original artist.


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EDIT: @Onartis: actually, if lawyers believe they're one up with something, they will keep it until the court case to put him on the spot.

This guy seems like an honest, friendly, talented guy. Not a rip-off merchant. If the people doing this are planning to be universally hated, they're on their way to it.


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that is pretty mental! i was reading about a tshirt artist the other day who went to thailand on holiday and went mental in a shop when he found rips of his work in their shop! i'll try and find the link tomorrow.


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Heard about this as it unfolded on Twitter. Glad it's getting recognised about.

As I said to the lad, this could be the best bit of advertising he could of done, and he'll probably get quite a good paycheck from the counter-sue!