Designed the Logo and Business Card


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Good T o meet you all!
I make fashion jewellery and sell online and at house parties. I have been working on my name and logo design. This is the final idea I have for my business card. The web page design is next.
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I agree, too much going on. Firstly the images in your case should not be in black and white, with jewelery colour is important when trying to advertise it to show the beauty behind what you do. You could try out a double sided design, logo on one side details on the other.

In my opinion the logo also needs some work. Perhaps try incorporating an image into the logo to make it more meaningful, for example turn the 7 into an earring and have it hanging from "Purple".


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In my opinion too much going on, the colours look slightly like they have been through the washing machine and the colours have run.

Also for jewellery you need to empthasise the products to its full potential. Maybe use a studio cubelite with full colour images.

I would say try another approach for a more simplistic design. Modern it up, bold typefaces, clean images, maybe business information printed on the rear of the card?




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if you are using the logo and font from the company you are designing for then there is no copyright issue. The only problem you may find is the quality of the logo after being copied into your program of choice. Your best bet is to see if you friend has the original logo to hand.


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Ralph, not so sure the links do actually go to a webpage with jewellery on.


Personally I'd take the stroke off the logo and keep the text white and then have the overall background purple maybe with some gradient or highlight on it. Maybe the number 7 would work being purple but with a white stroke on a purple background but it's just a trial and error thing to see what looks better.

The pictures of the jewellery could be presented a little better too. In black and white it's hard to actually see the items on those pebbles.

Just my opinion but I would try and simplify it and you'll see a much more professional look