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Design Your Own Printed T-Shirt


I work for Workwear Express who specialise in providing a range of printed and embroidered clothing for businesses, charities and individuals.

We are currently running a competition that I thought may be of interest to a few designers on here.

We are running a design a printed t-shirt competition. All you do is submit your designs to win@workwearexpress.com. We will then place these on our Facebook page for people to vote for through liking and sharing the images. The image that wins will be printed on to 25 t-shirts for the winner to keep.

It's a great opportunity for people to showcase their designs or just have something special created.

You can find more information here: https://www.workwearexpress.com/competition

If there's anything other information I can provide about the competition or our design processes here at Workwear Express please just let me know.

Have a great weekend guys.



Staff member
Can you give us more information regarding the ownership (ie do we still own it) and usage rights (ie does entering competition give you free use of them after competition) of the imagery provided for the competition. There is nothing mentioned on your competition page.
Hi Levi,

Thanks for pointing that out I'll be sure to add the information on to there.

The imagery is owned by you. Entering the competition will mean we have the rights to share the image via out social media page in order to generate interest in your design but the imagery will always be yours.

The only t-shirts printed based on your designs will be those given to the winner of the competition. They won't be used in any other product creation or sales.


what incentive you will give the winner of the this competition?
you just give the detail and procedure of the competition. i think you need to add some more detail regarding the wining benefits for designer.