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Design Week


Last week saw the last issue ever to be printed of the trade mag Design Week. It will now be available as an online version only. I suppose its all down to economics and money as usual. But this does leave the trade without a weekly printed mag which is truly sad.

Im not sure reading mags online or via a tablet device is as convenient or necessarily a improvement for the end user, sometimes you just want sit down and flick through a piece of printed material.

Just wonder what others think?

Malcolm the Artworker

- Print Artwoker - Malcolm Izatt –Essex and London 01245 357471
I'm gutted. I just subscribed and have a few sitting on my desk. I design for print, and loved getting a copy through my door each week. I'd quite happily pay more on the cover price and keep it in print - and I'm sure lots of other readers would too. There's just something about the smell of the solvents that you don't get online!

As for online content, I read tweets, short blog posts, recommended links etc, but I'll never read more than 10mins worth of content. Having a paper mag was an excuse to get away from the computer; read it over lunch, or on the loo!

It wasn't the best design mag out there, but it was pretty good.
Oh I didn't know that, have been hounded for the last 6 months to subscribe so I presume that was a last push to keep the printed version going. Have to say though much as I like the idea of getting a weekly design mag, I've never subscribed as I know I'd end up with piles of unread issues. I subscribe to CR and Computer Arts and currently have 4 unread mags to catch up on.

Personally I prefer the content of CR and CA to design week (though CR has gone down hill in the last year or more in my opinion). Being a weekly, DW seemed to have too much London-centric 'who's won what contracts' content and be half full of classifieds too often.
CR is the sister Mag to DW so I suppose the market could not sustain two trade design mags. I thinks its important to have a weekly or monthly printed mag. I have quite a few Graphis mags from the 60s, 70s and 80s and when provide a good source of reference for generating ideas when needed, something that an online mag I feel will fail to provide in the future.

Malcolm Izatt
- Print Artwoker - Malcolm Izatt –Essex and London 01245 357471