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Design trends...


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Hi all - been out of the loop for a while but working quietly in the background. But a new client has asked me to design a poster … they supplied the image and the words I sent back a design and they came back with the fact that they wanted " more of a contemporary feel" and "feel the colours are a bit ‘washy’ and need to be more striking." It is for a 'Medical enhancement group' - facelifts and cosmetic surgery so I don't think 'striking' colours would truly work. The logo is a purple which I've used.. along with a pale blue (the colour of the surgical gloves in the photo).

But what are the latest design trends?


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Whatever the client asks for...

I know you want to give something reflective of your own design and skills - but sometimes you have to divorce yourself from what you like and what the client asks for.

Paul Murray

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I'd ask them to supply an example of what they class as "contemporary" if they can – simply explain to the client that design is subjective and what they class as contemporary may be different to your interpretation, so some form of visual 'equilibrium' will be useful.


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When doing designs for clients I normally ask for an example of designs they like (ask before an actual meeting so they have time to find some) because as said different people might class a certain style as. At the end of the day we are working for the client and we can only advise them of what is the best option, they don't have to accept that view and as they're paying the bills we have to accept that.

In regards to contemporary, my view of the current term seems to be more along the large images (often black and white), strong titles and 'layers' of punchy colour. Based on what you've mentioned about colour choices I wouldn't class them as strong 'look at me' colours especially when they're already in the background image.

In regards to trends, honestly in my view it's not worth following trends (other than for inspiration) because they don't always work for the client and 90% of the time they're just recycling old styles (design is cyclical) and adding subtle tweaks here and there. You also have the issue that if you follow trends you end up producing 'me too' types of design, just look at the current responsive websites nearly all being the same basic design. What I'd maybe suggest is looking at a wide range of designs and doing a 'look book' for the client to look at, give them inspiration/idea and they can then discuss ideas more freely. A little more time at the start makes life a lot easier later :)