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Design the future

Hi again, bored of me yet ? lol.

I do have a few projects that i can post on here, would love to hear what everyone thinks about it and get as much feedback as i can.

Brief : To produce five postcards, aimed at fashion/design students wishing to travel to Amsterdam on a student trip

5 X Postcards ( landscape or portrait

Initially i jumped at the chance to select Amsterdam, i could of chosen Paris, or Barcelona but as i visit Amsterdam for dance events frequently i felt that i would be best suited to it purely on a research level.

I,d like to thank Orange mobile for they're inspiration on this project, the bulk of the visuals were taken from there advertising campaigns and it fitted what i wanted for my project really well.

The whole ethos of the project was to think big, dare to dream, and be someone, thus giving us students hope that we actually can be successful when we step into the big bad world of design lol.

So the visuals i chose would remain the same throughout the range, but by changing the typography in each postcard i could change the feel and the relevance of each also.

Really enjoyed this project, love the city, love Graphic Design.

Again i welcome any feedback that you may have and any questions


Firstly good image Bryan. The first image along with the text and font works well. Looking at the set of designs together, some of the font usage doesn't work for me personally.

For the taste one i would have made the font slightly bigger so that the lower case letters aligned in height, but the font it right, I've used it several times on things like Al Fresco dining etc.

For the dress one I would have perhaps customized the font a little more, made the stem of the d higher, modify the s on the end slightly and again made the text larger so it fitted height wise with the rest of the text.

I like the "Be" one, I can clearly see your love of dance events coming in there, the font fits that perfectly.

On the build one I don't think it's the right font, it looks to me like you've tried making it feel like buildings perhaps, but building aren't all the same size so randomizing the height here on each letter might just work. The width of the characters is too small also, it doesn't really fit with the rest of the text.

The design one definitely works the best, forgive me but it's got a quite an Odeon cinemas feel to it, but I like that.

As for the caption line, I think there's too much there, ending up with a small font, and when using helvetica light in this scenario isn't great as it doesn't read well.

Overall, as an image it's great, but use of fonts and sizes, could be better.
Thanks Ben, can tell you have done this once or twice yourself lol. Absolutely no complaints about what you have said, all very valid points and great design advice. "Odeon cinemas" lol, i might just send them a quick email lol. Listen Ben thats spot on, can tell already that this forum is going to help me so much in my quest of greatness lol.

That's really good to hear, gives me confidence. As yet I don't have an online presence, its something I really need to do, seeking advice on how to in about it and the best way. Even something like an online portfolio would suffice for now.
ok well it's easy to start, there's plenty of threads on this forum about what sites to use for portfolios, to start you off with a few there is of course wordpress which most tend to use, then for more design specific sites there is behance and also carbonmade. Some use deviantart but this is more for the arts rather than design.
Yeah I have pieces of work on carbonmade deviant and wordpress, need to update it with al my most recent work though, I'll get the links and pass you them.
ye post them in the feedback part of the forum, it's good to see what pieces of work people like and dislike then you know what to display in the portfolio, don't forget to put them in your post footer
yes you can definitely see how your style has moved on. One quickie, you might want to change the header for the "Tyograpghy" section lol. What you might want to do is change them in to more recognisable sections. Typography and illustration are good sections already there, but then you have a few projects spread over different screens, try and identify these as a section for example branding which is what the seafood restaurant would fall under and then another for print design. Actually one piece of work I did notice could be improved in there (but only slightly) was the bag for the seafood restaurant where the logo hasn't been distorted properly for the perspective of the bag, might want to change that as it does stick out slightly.
Definetely Ben. I've really neglected the online stuff, whereas now i know that it will be key to any chance of me getting noticed. Made a few changes to the sections like you suggested, now i,ll spend the rest of the day really just updating it and selecting the best pieces of work. Would a site like carbonmade suffice for what i need just now. Going into my final year it's really just a showreel i need, would be great to have some sort of flash/jquery gallery.
well many people tend to use carbonmade for a simple but effective sollution but of course for more functionality wordpress would be better. There are plenty on templates to use on there and also plenty of plugins to get a more personal feel to the pages for things like show reels.
I am not as confident with the wordpress/web stuff as yet to be honest, something that i definetely need to concentrate on, i chose Graphic design over web design as a module over 2 years and Animation/flash/3d so it's not something thats had my attention.
ah no you're misunderstood, you don't need to know web design to be able to put a wordpress site together. Like i said for a non-web designer there are plenty of templates to choose from and then there's a plug in section in that main admin section that gives you a whole range of plug ins to choose from, just click and install and make active. Have a play around in the admin section, it's not hard to get your head around once you've had a bit of a play around and plus there's plenty of tutorials online to help get you going.