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Design Tech Logo

Elo everybody,

Looking for inspiration for a school Design Technology Dept Logo . The dept includes Food Technology, Resistant Materials, Cad Cam Laser Cutting etc and Textiles Technology.

Will be used for letterheads, students design sheets, branding on the tools and things like that. There is no existing branding to rework so not really sure where to go with it, any ideas ?



Junior Member
ermm try something like a peice of material at the back with a apple image on the front with a ruler stood up beside it to show about the topics. Like the material would be for textiles and apple would be for food and ruler would be for resistant materials or something..Mix it all together in other words


Junior Member
I'd suggest thinking about what the company represents, in the words of Chip Kidd (I think) - "simplify and symbolise". It's always a good tactic when creating design. By this I mean, write down all the elements of the company that you're designing for, pick out the ones that are hypernyms of others, simplify, simplify, simplify. Nail it down to a few things you like and work with those as symbols. So, as said by zpatel above, you could incorporate those elements into a design.

Another technique would be something I do, but don't respect myself for doing. It's what I'd do as a last resort when totally stumped for ideas - looking at the competition. Look at what other similar companies are offering in terms of design and take inspiration from them (this does not give right to rip them off, however). Though this can be effective, I think if every designer did this, the internet would all look the same, and its always best to think up your own ideas without being influenced.

Whichever way you go about doing this, good luck to you :)