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Design studios & confidentiality

Sometimes a person has an idea, and may (I imagine) seek a quote from a design studio to take the idea to a finished design. I'm guessing getting quotes is fairly normal. Okay, but what about the confidentiality issue? I mean, when someone has a basic idea, it could good be a good one, and the "inventor" wants the design studio to respect confidentiality. I'm wondering whether or not, to ask for a quote myself about an idea that I have, but am unsure about what the situation is as to confidentality with design studios/designers. Also, do product designers have some skill in sensing when an idea might "have legs", or, in other words, have some sales potential? Thanks.


Staff member
nda's are common place in design, as are standard t&c's etc which protect the clients idea's.

Clients can also have documentation that we designers need to sign to say we have seen/worked on as well. IF it's literally a verbal idea then there's less to go on and in all likelihood you'd struggle in a court case, if you want to get a quote then you need to supply a written brief ideally.

As to if an idea has potential... personally I'm not worried as long as I get paid for my part - if I see a glaring issue I will raise it with the client but it's their decision.

If I have a contract which involves a percentage of sales money then I'd be more keen on influencing the design if I see flaws.


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A Non Disclosure agreement is fairly common place and variations can be dowloaded from Google and ammended to suit your needs. A simple signature is all that's needed before you disclose info.