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Design Software help

I'm off to uni this september and have bought a mac but am wondering whether Indesign is all its cracked up to be, is there any other software recommendations that people would make?
Well, Indesign is the industry standard for page layout design. Some people use Quark, but it makes sense to learn InDesign as it comes with the main Adobe packages and is a great piece of software. You are still likely to need Photoshop and Illustrator and other software depending what type of course you doing? Adobe Design Standard or Design Premium would probably be all you will need and work out better value than buying the software individually.


Staff member
off to uni to study what exactly.... indesign is no good if you're going into a course which revolves around cad for example.
Chances are you univ will be using indesign, Photoshop and illustrator. They are so well integrated and pretty much the standard.

There will be someone on your course that will be able to help you out with all the software you need.

Or you can go the legitimate route and buy the adobe creative suite Student design premium that will have everything you need for £333.

Talk to your lecturers first and see what they think.