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Design Proof


Junior Member
Hi Guys, i wanted to know how can i do the design proof? i mean which laser or injekt printer do you recommend to use at home office? or do i need to go to local printer everytime i want to have a design proof?!!

I am going to guess that you are talking about a proof you could show to a client? Many clients would be able to view it online, if you send them a jpeg/pdf in their email they will be able to view it, just make sure to watermark it to prevent theft. If you need to show them a physical copy, I'm sure there are local print shops around that you may be able to get a membership to reduce prices. Here in Canada we have STAPLES, which will print anything and has quite a few choices for stock to print on, just look around your town!
What Berry said. 99% of proofs I do are PDFs by email.

Of course it's 'nice' to have a printer to print off stuff and check it yourself, bearing in mind it won't be that colour accurate, so I have a cheapish Samsung colour laser.

But I find email far more convenient and gets quicker replies, save the trees n all that.
It depends if you mean for yourself or for the client.

I know that when I was working at home and designing for print. It is hard to judge that what looks good on the screen, also looks good on paper (mainly with sizes of text etc). So if it is just for your own personal use to help you with designing and proportions, then I would recommend any A3 inkjet printer.

If you are getting proofs for clients, it's best to find a local printer with a digital machine. If you refer work to them regularly, I'm sure they will be happy enough to run out quick proofs for you, which more than likely will be colour matched to their litho press if relevant.
If you've got printed samples of previous jobs you shouldn't really have to print proofs off, just show them example work if they want a feel for the product and screen proofs (low res jpegs or pdfs) to sign off...