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Design & Printing Website - Critique

Hi Jenny! Site looks pretty great...bright, vibrant and sets the tone for the business. One small note.. the first thing I noticed when your site opened was the misspelling "chirstmas":icon_tongue_smilie:
I'd love to see some considerable improvements to your graphics. Your website is pretty decent, but your promotional banners could use a lot of work. Most of them have a complete lack of composition, and most of them contain way-oversized graphics, skewed type, and bad effects.

Your logo is also a bit confusing; why is their a target? Is it a visual metaphor for something I'm missing?

I understand that this is web design critique forum though. I'd like to say thumbs up for at least having a functional and user-friendly website, which is more than I can say about most printers.
I assume the target is actually a registration mark, but people who come to you to buy print wouldn't make the connection.

I agree with Mitch regarding the banners and feel that the site is very copy heavy. I would also have a separate page for your testimonials rather than having them above your portfolio pieces. Personally I don't like having to click small boxes to see pieces within a portfolio, and would rather see a scrolling panel of viewable work


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and watch out for typos... On portfolio page you have 'recieved' and 'there' instead of 'received' and 'their'. It never looks good if a designer or printer has typos on their site. Not professional! I agree with above comments - just needs a 'lift'.