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Design & Print Questions

What Size poster shall I create to fit inside an outdoor poster holder which is 23.6 inches by 16.6 inches I'm designing the poster in Photoshop.

Can anyone help!?



I imagine a poster at the size of 23.6 inches by 16.6 inches with a 1 inch bleed (24.6x17.6 inches) will probably fit quite well.

Have I misunderstood the question...?


Staff member
Squiddy yeah it's a bit of a weird question.... you already have a 'hole' to fit the image in so you just need to work out bleed etc

Tom Sound

Active Member
The actual artwork size, ie visible area depends on the rebate of the frame. Which is how much the frame covers the edge of the poster. Check this out first and keep any critical artwork within this area and it should be cool. :)