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Design opinions wanted…

Hi all,

I just wanted to run this design by someone other then myself. I'm a lonely freelancer with no one to bounce ideas off, so I was hoping for some constructive feedback.

So wireframes have been approved by the client, there is nothing I can do about the logos and obviously the imagery is stock or low quality at present. The sites design is obviously going to be responsive.

Is there anything you think it's lacking, something that would give it that extra layer of sparkle?

Thanks in advance for the constructive feedback…

Hi Grant,

Personally, I have a real issue with having red on blue / vice versa -
Not sure if it's the low res quality making this more of an issue, but seems to me a bit jarring...

I'd probably swap to white boxes and have red or blue text in them, rather than the other way round.

Not sure you really need to add anything for more sparkle - it looks basic but comprehensive, so adding more could just over complicate.

Hope that helps :)

Thanks for the comments. I can not do anything about the colours, these colours are part of the event branding and hence the client wants to keep them.

I was wondering if you can expand on the comment "it looks basic"? What do you think is contributing to the basic feel? How can I make it less so?

Feedback is alway helpful :)
Hi Grant,
I think it looks good, fits the outdoor event look (not that I know too much about that stuck in front of a computer all day!). I can see what Vanessa means about the red and blue but, for me, its really only the subscribe box (which I can't see a solution for and its really not bad), and the line under FAQ's (maybe change this to white?) that jars a bit. I'm still working on my web knowledge so probably can't be much more useful at the moment.
I don't think it necessarily needs to look 'less basic' - by basic I guess I mean it's a typical looking web page: banner at top, boxes for each section, column / boxes down right.

But that's not to say that's a bad thing, trying to add to it might clutter and over complicate something that doesn't seem to need it I think.

Is there anything in particular niggling you about it that makes yout think something is missing? If not, I can't see anything more constructive to suggest beyond my colour point (and that really is just a bugbear thing of mine more than a big issue!) - just sorting the fuzzy low-res-ness would be needed !

Paul Murray

Staff member
I'd lose the glow/shadow effect from the image boxes if you can, you're losing the crispness of the lines. Without them it will look much cleaner (perhaps even have a solid white background?)

I'd also look again at your main header navigation. You have links to the race information, registration and FAQs hidden in your main page content. These are important links and should be accessible in your main navigation, and again in your footer links. I'd drop the social icons from the header (it's highly unlikely a user will land on the page and decide to click one of those straight away) and add in the links I just mentioned instead.

Do you need the rounded corners on the sponsors/friends images? Personally I'd get rid, it's not consistent (same for the image in the blurb).

Your "More Information" and "Register" buttons are fighting each other for prominence. Decide which link is more important/valuable (I'd say 'Register' as it's a clear call to action) and change the other so that it's not as important-looking as this one. Perhaps "more info" could just be a text link beneath the main CTA button.
Hi all,

I just wanted to say thank you for all the comments, it's been a really positive experience. I was very dubious about asking for opinions, but will not hesitate in future.

Below is what I believe will be the final version of the design.


Paul Murray

Staff member
Personally I'm not a fan of ghost buttons, especially here where the background is interfering with the text. As a whole outlined buttons aren't great for usability, and some users aren't even aware they're buttons (interesting read on clickable web elements here – https://www.nngroup.com/articles/clickable-elements/). I'd perhaps have the "More info" links as a translucent black background, just to help the white text pop.

Do you need to have separate register links for the Bike/Swim events? I assume they're part of the same 'race' but split over two days? Can they not have a hero image of their own? That composition is jarring and it's not clear which event I would have to register for. Do I have to sign up separately for both? If so, is it possible to not have an option to just register for one when it gets to filling in a form

Other than that I think the improvements are good, though I'd be curious to see how it look sand feels as a working site. :)