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Design Logo - critique please


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Developing branding for my freelance graphic design business. Specialising in print/identity/branding for print and digital. All my work is marketing led and aims to provide the client with a solution that works and is clear. I'm using my name in the logo, calling my services 'shawfire'. This is my initial design and I would be grateful for any feedback/ideas.

I have tried upper, lower and mixed case but to no avail. I have also tried a solution using all the cross bars of the characters as a trail but this did not work either. Struggling with the kerning between the HAW - which will always be difficult.

All comments gratefully received.



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Hi Matt,

Welcome to Design Forums, to start with, I like the name. Any chance you can upload/attach a larger version of image 2? It's quite hard to make them out at that size...

Hi Matt,

I'm inclined to say that number 12 is my preferred logo. The font seems to work really well with it.

I like where you're going with the bold text but i'm not too sure about it.


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I like the more square fonts (ie 9 etc) but I do like the little dots on 12, although I think the f needs to end in line with the dots. Maybe try combining the straighter text with the dots.


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Thanks guys - Ben - no12 wa just thrown together and not really designed, just wanted to experiment with that font and the dots, personally I quite like the font but think that the bullet coming form the 'F' is a stronger concept??

One idea I did have was to use perforations in business cards/stationery etc as the bullets/dots? Any more ideas welcome!! I'll maybe work one up with this font.
From the new thumbnails that you've provided I would probably say I like the last one. Are you using any kind of colour? I know that it's obviously got to work in black and white but I was just interested