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Design Heroes project

Design Heroes was launched a few days ago.

I don't know about you guys but my Firefox bookmark menu was getting incredibly long. I was thinking about using Delicious but being the project starter than I am I decided to create Design Heroes.

Design Heroes is primarily a tag-based bookmarking system for design related links. And secondly a small blog to share those with other people. It will contain links to a wide range of sites from inspirational portfolios, articles, and of course designforums.co.uk! The bookmarks can be filter by clicking the various tags on the left.

I've been playing with it for a week and it seems to be working nicely. I'd love to hear any thoughts from you guys. Any feature suggestions to make it more useful?


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Hi Dave,

I noticed that earlier and really like it! very nice!

I'd be interested in knowing how you did it if you feel like sharing!

& welcome to the forum!



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You ought to register designhero.es as it makes sense as designhero and as the hack to make …hero.es. Just a thought…
Cheers guys.

@tbwcf It's made with PHP and a small MySQL database. It's a fairly simple site if you know the basics of PHP... which I kinda do, sort of! It also uses JavaScript / jQuery for the interactive stuff. I might release the source at some point once it gets a bit tidier. And if other people are interested in setting up their own personal version.

@Harry designhero.es that's genius! I'm actually going to go register that. I might use it for URL shortening for twitter etc.


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dbushell said:
@Harry designhero.es that's genius! I'm actually going to go register that. I might use it for URL shortening for twitter etc.
Not if I get there first…
Nah I'm kidding, good luck.


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I must be weird then, I use folders in my bookmarks and I also use the keyword features which makes finding stuff really easy. Then x-marks (free) synchronises everything across all my computers and gives me online access to my bookmarks from their site

It's a nice bookmark for researching but its not going to replace my bookmarks in firefox etc.
Yeh I use xmarks too I just find it too time consuming to organise links. I suppose you could look at Design Heroes as my own priority version of that process, one that I can share with others. If everyone finds something useful on there or gets a bit of extra exposure through it I'll be happy!

It's still early days so I'm not sure how well it will handle hundreds of links. I'm going to eventually add a text search too.


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One thing that should maybe be changed is when you click the title it take you to the link? at the moment it shows the date added underneath when clicked but this is already on the edge of the title.

Could be worth adding a search?

Is designheroes book marked in there somewhere?

also really like Harry's domain name idea!


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dbushell said:
It's still early days so I'm not sure how well it will handle hundreds of links. I'm going to eventually add a text search too.
Sorry was still typing when you posted that :)
Fred said:
Erm, you can log-in but where do you register?
It's only my personal use, I should make that more obvious I suppose! Mainly because I don't have the time to code it form multiple accounts. I'm quite happy to submit suggested links though.

@tbwcf thanks for the ideas and feedback.


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Ah, I would take out the log-in link and just type in the URL to let you login then. Confuses otherwise.

I'd be interested in using it to an extent if the user could track the submitted links it has submitted but as it stands it's more of a charity thing, submit sites for other people to see but submitting the site wont give you any benefit. I think by leaving out the key feature you're narrowing your target market significantly. Obviously it's not a commercial project but it's a nice site and could bring you some decent exposure.

Maybe you could see if someone with a little more time and good PHP skills would be interested in incorporating a proper register and log-in system?
Hi Fred, that's certainly an interesting idea.

If I expanded it for mutliple users I suppose it would start to be more like reddit.com: what's new online! or DesignFloat - Web Design News & Tips (which doesn't seem to be doing to well). It would need a killer feature to make it really unique.

I think I'd like to keep it as a personal bookmarking system at the moment. I suppose the submit link feature is for other designers / writers who want to get a little bit of exposure and an SEO boost!


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Yeah it would be in competition with that type of site.

I think the killer feature would be the fact your design is extremely minimalistic and only offers a few features. Personally reddit looks horrible and would never get used by me, too much effort to try and work out what's going on in that page to be any use. DesignFloat is better, but still has a little too much information for what I would want.

I understand why you wouldn't want to push it out more though, but keep it in mind ;)


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I clicked through your signature when you joined up and I really really like it, I'm just having some trouble with the light green color. Oh and I also noticed now that you took out the background on the links when hovered over, I think you should bring that back :)

Good job