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Design Group Affiliation Idea


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I was thinking yesterday how we can ensure to potential customers that we're trustworthy.

Basically, we create a small logo and feature it on the bottom of the page. This, when clicked, will link the user to an external domain (which I can pay for).

In this, it will list the freelancers that are in the 'supergroup', so that clients can view our sites and portfolios to decide which person they prefer.

This isn't just advertising space, it's basically showing them that we're not just a random person doing websites, and that they're safe with us.

I'm seeing this from two views.
One, for my own freelance designs, so I can show people we're in a group they can trust (also making us look that little more professional), and two, for a future business perspective. Eventually, my plan is to make people pay a membership per year (like £30, which can be shared between all the original users), as potential clients will see the logo at the bottom signifying a recognised/trustworthy freelancer.

Does this make sense?
If so, are you interested in joining?

Another 'pro' form this, is that if one designer feels out of their depth, they could pass a job onto a fellow freelancer under the logo; helping each other out.

All questions and replies please :D


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I've seen a similar thing done before from some logo designers, but that's more of a small company setup than just an affiliation - Ten Creatives

The big problem I would potentially see with an idea like this is ensuring all members have the same level of consistency and quality in their work, any drop in either of those from one member could potentially ruin the name/logo and would leave other members with the risk of a damaged reputation.



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Despite that, I can put together a contract for the users, and surveys every couple of weeks to check their standard.

I think this could be a potentially good idea. I know it's been done before, but it could help the smaller designers as well as the bigger ones. The smaller ones that can't really afford to be listed on an affiliation site.


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I think the advantage of being freelance is that you can build up your own reputation, the trouble with an affiliation like this is that even with contracts and measures in place there will always be a risk of a member letting everyone else down. I know that sounds very negative, but in an industry where your own reputation counts for a lot the advantages of joining something like this might not be enough to persuade people to join, over the potential negatives/risks.

Think of the UKWDA as an example, it's supposed to promote industry standards in web design and be a logo associated with quality and trust, unfortunately from what I've seen there is no control over that quality and as a result it's lost any trust it used to have in the industry.


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Oh right! I do see the problems, I really do, but creating a superteam will create unity will it not, and it's worth a shot.

I'd pay the hosting and domain packages, and it'd basically just give people the chance to get noticed.

I know it could badly fail, and I may be acting rather naive, but i think this could have independent potential.


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I agee with greg - working freelance you build your own reputations, Most freelancers dont advertise but get work on word of mouth. If it goes wrong it'll ruined your own rep so makes it that much more important to make mind-blowing designs :D


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Would there not be any legal / paperwork involved? i.e. what if someone wanted to complain against the affiliation as a whole, rather than the individual?
What would you get for your membership, despite the fact you are affiliated with designers the same calibre as yourself?


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Well if someone made a complaint I'd follow it through as appropriate. It totally depends on the situation though. What instance may they complain in?

And for a membership you'd get advertised on the site and referred to by other designers if necessary. There would also be a vBulletin board, so designers can talk to each other and give tutorials to others.

It's like a resource for freelance start ups with help/advice from more experienced users.

I've already purchased the domain, so it's just the task of getting people to join.


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If it all goes wrong I'll abandom it freely. But I'm not just asking people to join and giving them a badge; obviously they have to be up to a standard and be able to be tested for their customer service etc.

I have faith in the idea so it's worth a try.


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I've got one business partner secured already.

And to combat what you say about getting complaints; if they complain against our superteam, we would've secured ourselves as each freelancer would have to sign a contract initiating the blame onto them if applicable.


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Anyone else wanting to join?

It's free to help me out at the moment, we're just in the process of setting up a website and hopefully a forum. Anyone even want to offer those services for a bit of friendly help?

You'll be listed as a designer on the finished site?

Thanks :D