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Design Gallery - using a wordpress plugin

Tom Sound

Active Member
seems to take ages to load for me, maybe have a suggestion to stick the kettle on while you wait, at the top of the page?

gets stuck on this for ages...



Staff member
chrismitchell said:
i'm waiting for you to say its spam Levi :D
it probably is but I thought I'd give someone else a go at the report button, its a really important button iirc :p

Besides I didn't look to heavily into it as there was like 30 boxes with stuff in them on my screen hence my comment sometimes less is more :up:

Tom I had the same issue
Like said above, took forever to load.
And normally I'd have shut it by the time it did.

Well you certainly have alot on the page. =/
Maybe if thats the style you are going for, spread it out over a few different pages?
It looks nice, but there is waaaaay too much on that one page and it does take a loong time to load.
It froze the rest of my internet whilst it was loading as well! :mad:


Senior Member
I agree, technically it looks nice - as one full visual it works really well, but for individual content focus its a nightmare, my eye has no idea where to look and as for structure - is there any?

Really good effort but I dont think it can be applied in this way.


Senior Member
yeah it really does look nice :)

but i think i see what the designer was looking at, just the virtue of the reader decides where to look instead of being forced to read one particular thing, like they can make the website instead of the editor... that make sense?

still too much content tho