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Design degrees - best University?

Hi all

So, someone I work with has a son wanting to do a design degree. I've lost touch with which universities are good or bad, so was wondering if anyone had any recommendation as to the best university to study at?

Cheers all :icon_cheers:

University guide 2011: Art and design | Education | guardian.co.uk

That should give you a head start and idea on what appears good in rankings, but the rest is down to personal choice. I know a lot of people regard Kingston University as utterly fantastic for Graphics, but others say the way of working there is quite limiting to a designer (lots of group work/hardly any individual projects). Others vouch for the University of the arts London, with Central St. Martins being very popular for arts courses (in particular fashion and graphics) but again, others say that the work produced there isn't of a professional standard and is more conceptual.

Best thing to do is to tell the person who'd be going to check out open days at unis in cities/areas that seem appealing to live in. For example if they'd like to stay up north; Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield. Down south; London, Brighton, Bournemouth.

Check out the university websites, UCAS requirements, order prospectuses, go to open days - do the things that most students absolutely have to do when applying! No one can tell him where to study, he'd have to find out himself :) Personally, I found that Bristol was the place for me to study, and that UWE offered everything I wanted in a design course! If he's worried about the prestigiousness of his university, chances are he may not enjoy living in that particular city and do poorly in his degree :/
Something else to bear in mind - and From my own experience - it's not necessarily about the university - it's about the persons commitment to succeed in the industry. It's good to have the design training - but ultimately it's about the persons capacity to self-teach themself. To make it as a designer in this highly competitive industry - it has got to be a passion - and will involve a lot of self-learning - self-education in one of the fastest paced industries. Good luck!


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Personally, I found that Bristol was the place for me to study, and that UWE offered everything I wanted in a design course!
And me too. Bristol was the most conceptual course, with the most freedom that I found and I really, really enjoyed my time there!