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Design Critique Needed

Nebby 21

Junior Member

Looking at it from a customer point of view you could probably do with shortening the homepage. I think maybe you should have it end just after the "our clients" and have the copy below it in a more info page etc. Other than that, liking it!


Senior Member
just a bit boring, generic layout, pastel colours, safe fonts, green on green, no distinction between text and headers. Yawn.
It's a good start... personally I don't like the colours. The new home page is better, but I think too much is thrown at the viewer when opening the page, with 3 horizontal lines with links, 3 or 4 very 'in your face and read me' ads showing the discounts and offers, and I think there is much too content for a home page. I think the layout is good, with the 2/3 main column, and a 1/3 column for offers/ads/main links.

...and i'm not keen on the logo, doesn't look professional to me.