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Design company branding/identity for sale

Hi everyone, i recently accepted a full time job so have no need for my soletrade business identity anymore. I have put it up on ebay, its approprate for all design fields. Its called Design Entity, for sale is the name, logo and web address. Check out the ebay listing for more info, ebay item no. 170978105558.
Happy bidding
I think you are dreaming if you think you are going to get anywhere near £2500, you will be lucky to get £100 in all honesty. What are the trading accounts like, did you make any money last year, how big is your customer base? Those are the only things I would be interested in as a buyer.
If it is solely the brand being sold then the website is awful and the logo isn't up to much, that font used is terrible.
Sorry, I know you are not after a critique, I hope you get what you are after but its very doubtful, keep us posted on how it goes, good luck.
P.S: Please don't spam the forum again, one post about this is sufficient.


Junior Member
I have to agree with NCR, £2500 is a laughable amount of money to be expecting for this.
The website is built using tabels, a technique that went of practice - well i've not enough fingers on my hands to count.
The logo is no where near 'High Quality' like you say.
As NCR says, you've not asked for a crit, but by putting this up and inviting us to look, you're opening yourself up to it.

Tony Hardy

You have opened yourself up for a critique by posting this. I'm genuinely shocked you think you're going to get £2500 for it. The domain isn't great and the website is terrible. So unless you have a massive client base and you're turning over a lot of money, people aren't going to go for it I don't think.

However, do let us know of your progress :) If this sells, you might've just found me a new market to tap into ;)


Staff member
lol.... might as well sling £2500 in the bin looking at that website....
I'd rather spend £2500 on new hardware and advertising for my own business