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Design Brief Questions to ask?

Discussion in 'General Business Forum:' started by snourse, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. snourse

    snourse Junior Member

    Hello again!

    I know I've seen it on here somewhere so I'm sorry to ask again, but does anyone have a good template for a design brief to send to a client?

  2. Harry

    Harry Senior Member

    They send you the brief, then you draw up a proposal, then you both create a spec. Which are you after?
  3. Sunburn

    Sunburn Active Member

    A spec·ta·cle for me! .... you?
  4. snourse

    snourse Junior Member

    I mean the one I send to them to get more info... They've told me roughly want they want but haven't provided me with a proper brief so I was going to send them one they could 'fill in'! I know I've seen it somewhere on here but I just can't remember where!

    p.s. its for a re-branding of a company - logo / identity / marketing brochures etc
  5. Sunburn

    Sunburn Active Member

  6. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    I made my own mini-questionnaire to try and get more info from clients, so questions along the lines of;

    What is your company/product USP?
    How would you like your company to be perceived?
    What brands does your company aspire to?
    Are there any particular requirements for colours?
    How would you describe your company to a stranger in one sentence?

    I find those sorts of questions usually help :)
  7. berry

    berry Active Member

    Didn't I put up a Creative Brief and Web Brief recently?
  8. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    yeah I remember you putting one up :)
  9. berry

    berry Active Member

    thought it was a Sticky?
  10. Becky

    Becky Member

  11. upanddowndesigns

    upanddowndesigns New Member

    hi sarah. first of all lovely website. i do a lot of logo designs and i ask them quick fire questions from colors to simplicity. i also dig deep into the clients website or business, if its local try to find there biggest association. from the style of the building to the common objects laying around the place. i do 10 odd prototypes all with different colors and fonts and styles. And from experience people love simplicity. judging by your website you really shouldn't have any problems with this.


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