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Design books on Principles and Theory

For those of you that are in design school or did, what textbooks did you use on Design Principles and Theory? I need some good books on Balance, Unity, ect that show an example or two.
For those that didn't go to school what books did you find the most helpful in learning the principles?
I am not really looking for a short book with a few pictures, but contains quality information.

Tony Hardy

HI :)

All I ever needed was Quentin Newark's - What is Graphic Design? It was more about the history and context though. I think a lot of books on Balance, Unity and the like will come from the Art side of things.
When I need book inspiration, I go to Amazon. Look at some design books that I know are half decent (A Smile in the Mind is a good one) and then use the recommended products links and just have a good click around. I find that the reviews on there are really helpful too as they're written by genuine people who have an interest in the subject.

What books have you got at the minute?