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Design Agencies


Hopefully this can spark up to be a interesting topic, I noticed yesterday in job tenders someone was asking about designers in Leicester so I put forward Un.titled which is a agency based there and I think they are brilliant, I saw the prospectus the did for Nottingham Trent Uni last year and it is a awesome piece of design.. and this got me thinking who else is up there! I have to think about my top three but Un.titled and Ars Thanea are in there.

Who does everybody think are top runners in design UK and Internationally? and Why?


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I've always been a big fan of Deep
To be honest I don't really keep up with the top running agencies, so will be interested to see what other agencies names are being posted up on this thread :)

Ahh, I used to have this website in my old i-candy folder but no longer in there for some reason, yes these develop some good work... nice website too...


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Not a clue :)
I see alot of work coming out of mark boulton design but thats because I'm in South Wales too.

Ermm Quite a few companys on the continent that produce amazing work