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Design Agencies in Manchester??

Hi folks

I'm just doing some research/action plan as part of a 'design futures' module, where I'd like to aim/interested in working for after uni.

Wondering if anybody knows of Graphic Design agencies around the Manchester area?

If anyone is familiar with this city please real off a few names. Would be much appreciated...

Tom Sound

Active Member
:D I guess it was looking for recommendations of agencies people know already. There must be at least 12 or so graphics agencies in Manchester :D
Typo said:
lazy students.
yeah thanks for the help! I would have never thought of that because this is the only resource I use (sarcasm)

Yes Tom I just wanted some recommendations of well known agencies with good reputations. Opposing to going through every agency there not knowing good from bad, with me not being in the industry or having yet established a large networking just yet.

I'm not applying right now, Its just an action plan

Paul Murray

Staff member
Truth, Love, Thoughtful, Creative Spark.

Best advice I could give you is to look into agencies that do the work you want to do, check out their portfolios and follow (and comment on) their blogs.

A lot are very active bloggers and you get a real sense of their personality coming through (and wether you'd fit in or not).
I might be slightly late for posting but if your still looking for some agencies you could check out Design By Day & Detail Creative. You can find a few of them through Twitter too if you use it.