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Design advice please - BR Testing


New Member

I've been asked to do a redesign for a building regulations testing company.

The original logo is on the left and the 3 new design options are on the right. If anyone can give me there opinion on which one they prefer it would be much appreciated.

Thank you



I'd agree with Paul. I'm a fan of the middle one. I like the way it feels a bit like a check box but also feels a bit like a building plan too.

So much better than the original one which is very generic. Nice work.


Well-Known Member
As above, the middle one. Top one is closely followed 2nd best but middle one has more meaning. 3rd one is a no-no. Nice work man!
I would probably say the last one. I dont know why it just seems like it fits the company and it's abstract and well done. Saying that I also like the middle one as it stands out. Hope this helps!