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Derren Brown Art


Senior Member
I went to see Derren Brown last week live, and afterwards I checked out his website, only to discover that he paints as well as does tricks! They are really, really good, so if anyone else is interested, here is the link...
Art by Derren Brown ~
He was on TV last year showing them off, can't for the life of me think what show.

They are very impressive, and I think it's good that he isn't taking the piss too much with the pricing on the A3 prints, compared to the others!

Book seems like a good deal though!


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I'm not a fan at all, to make matters even more random a friend of mine has a tattoo of stephen fry that is based almost entirely on the derren brown portrait! They thinned him down a little though!


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I wonder if you will be able to see this pic, its linked via facebook you see, and this is a different strange friend.