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DeliciousMedia Redesign

Hey guys.
I'm currently working on a re-design for www.deliciousmedia.co.uk. It's going to be a Wordpress-based solution. We're still going through the home page, deciding what we want on there. I guess at this point what would be most useful to me is feedback on the layout and 'flow' of the page.. The pink of the navigation and green of the background have to stay. I'm not entirely sure about the black navigation, but I think it helps the logo really stand out with the contrast. (this is just a temporary logo, I will be touching up their current one for them later on).
Thanks in advance.

Sean Lee-Amies

I know you want comments on the layout, but I cannot overcome how badly those colours are clashing. The 3 content box section containing web design, seo and social strategy really needs to be looked at. Due to the high contrast of backgrounds, the design feels massively disconnected and the murky purple you've used for the content boxes is upsetting me! I quite like the green sections of the site, it's just the rest that needs looking at.
There are a lot of minor things that are niggling away at me, but it'd be best to get the overall layout and design sorted first, you'll probably rectify those issues during that process anyway.


Staff member
Got to agree with Sean, it's totally unbalanced.

It's almost like 2 different people designed the work you're putting up for review, the 'circular element' and this are complete polar opposites.