Decal printing



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I'm planning on running a custom decal/vinyl sticker business, very similar to The service will allow users to pick a flag/icon and input their text and get a chosen qty of these custom decals delivered to their door in a few days. The actual purpose of the decals is to stick them on your bike frame, helmet etc. The decals need to be good quality and waterproof, able to withstand all conditions.

I need a supplier who can print (in relatively small QTYs) as soon as I get an order. As you can imagine there will be lots of small, unique orders but the actual sticker size and layout will be the same, always. Basically, I want the supplier to dropship these stickers for me - so; I get an order, notify the supplier of all the details and they print and ship directly to the customer.

The actual decals themselves will be white or clear (customers choice), around 25mm high and 85mm in width (all will be confirmed).

Does anyone know someone who could help me with this?