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Days Work Trial

As i've mentioned in a previous thread I was made redundant in March. Last week I had a phone interview for a local DM company and i've been asked to go in and do a day's work trial later this week. Anyone got any god advice for how to make a good impression and bag the job?:)
Just be responsive, punctual, don't be sitting around if you have nothing to do. Don't be too outspoken, but have input.

What role are you going for?
Can't remember the job title but it's basically designing DM emails and doing internal web design, etc. Never done HTML emails before so been looking into it, trying to remember making websites with tables:down:
Hey guys, haven't been on in a while, just thought i'd post an update.

I went for the days trial but in the end only stayed til lunchtime. Last I heard they'd got rid of some potential employees but were still considering me but waiting to see someone else. Haven't heard anything since and that was about 2 weeks ago. Not that i'm bothered as in the meantime I got a second interview somewhere else and they offered me a job there and then!:) Nicer place and more interesting work as well:)


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Hey deadleg I have to go do this work trial tomoz, what does it involve?? you probably wont reply till I'm done now grr. Wish I'd found this post earlier lol