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david bailey website

Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by bryan1690, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. bryan1690

    bryan1690 Member

    hi guys, first attempt at purely graphic based content for my web design class in college as part of an hnd in visual communication. A 4 page site on David Bailey.All feedback welcome
  2. bryan1690

    bryan1690 Member

    Uploaded Web Screenshots

    Sorry guys should have included the screenshots,newbie!

    Attached Files:

  3. sthomas

    sthomas Member


    Thanks for posting up some examples of your work on the David Bailey website.

    It's difficult to get a proper feel for the work as the screen grabs are quite small. On first viewing I think it'a a good starting point although I'm not too keen on the blue duotone image. I think most of Bailey's best work is in B&W and therefore I don't see the relevance of the blue duotone. Personally I would keep all of the pages in B&W (including the logo).

    I would make the logo a lot smaller and think about creating pages that are closer related to David Bailey and his photography. At the minute, the website could be about anyone. Sorry to be slightly negative but I think by working a bit harder with the layout and images, you have the opportunity to move the project up to the next level.

    By all means keep posting and I'd be interested to see how the project progresses.


  4. bryan1690

    bryan1690 Member


    Hi Scott,thanks for your quick response and constructive criticism,and sorry for the amateur screenshots i,ll try later to get the gif files uploaded.I take on board everything you have said regarding the colour scheme and will definetley look at editing it to suit.Really appreciate the time you have taken to point me in a direction with this design.

  5. yourmailman

    yourmailman New Member

    bit hard to tell from the screen shots, looks ok though, nothing too fancy, looks like it will do the job, try exporting something a bit bigger though so we can get a better look
  6. bryan1690

    bryan1690 Member

    Hi there,
    cheers mate,yeah im actually redoing the pages as we speak ,trying to sort out the index pages in dreamweaver now though it's proving to be a bit of a nightmare.This site was my first attempt as part of the course so was always going to be basic,think they want us to get the theory of actually building the sites rather than mastering them first attempt,it will do lol .

  7. yourmailman

    yourmailman New Member

    ok cool, well very good for first attempt.

    dreamweaver can be a bit of a mare it adds loads of random code.

    there are plenty of tutorials on line though

    good luck

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