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Cycle Shop Logo

Hi Guys,

Please find below initial concepts worked up for a cycle shop, based around the different components of a bike and the shop name. This particular bike shop is not an off road/mountain bike store so i have reservations about the tyre concept as i feel this leans more towards that side of the sport. Whereas this shop supply more road bike, commuter bike, family bikes - more of a traditional bike shop.

1. Bike Chain
2. Tyre
3. Gears

Let me know your thoughts on which works well and best represents the product,


Paul Murray

Staff member
Prefer the first but agree about the W. I also don't think it needs the links behind, they kind of muddle the shape. I did a cycle/royal related identity a while back and had some similar ideas about using the diamonds in the tread. It was really fun, there's actually loads of shapes you can take from a cycle design once you start looking.
If I go with the name, "crown cycle", than I would prefer 1 & 3 logo. Still these logo needs improvements, there is no X factor in these logos to convince the client to buy any of above logo. I am sure still you can come up with some good logo options.


Well-Known Member
It's a shame the second one is not suitable as that is the most interesting, creative / thinking out of the box option and I figured out it was a crown shaped tire mark before reading your post. The others are more obvious concepts; the first one works best with the font and overall, just need to amend it so it does not depict a 'W'. The second one is very clever though..
Thanks for the constructive feedback. Concepts 1 & 2 seem to have more potential, inparticular
Concept 2 which is starting to create a stronger identity system the more I develop it and apply it throughout different touch points and stationary etc...