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CV/Resume design HELP


Junior Member
Hey, hows it going?
So, I have just moved down to London to look for work as a graphic designer/artworker, something creative anyway. I have redesigned my CV and I would appreciate any feedback regarding the layout.
Some people say you need 2 pages, some say 1, i dont know, but I decided to design it on 1 page. Follow the link to my blog for an image of my CV, it wont let me attach a jpg for some reason.
All feedback is welcome, I also recently redesigned my portfolio, and a downloadable CV is available from there too.
Cheers :)

Sean Lee-Amies

If you've got the image hosted, just click the image button under the smiley face, and enter its URL. Otherwise you can upload an attachment in the More Reply Options, we're aware it's a little confusing... I would always recommend for people to design it for one page, unless you've got tons of experience and are applying for a job where there won't be hundreds/thousands of other applicants.
The CV itself is a good start, but it looks quite cramped. I would also personally remove the vertical lines, it all just needs a bit more space to breathe, for example in between the "Experience" Title and the dark grey horizontal block.
In general, there's very little ability to skim read anything. The text is quite small, I also think you could do with adding a bit more colour, it looks a bit odd with only the blue text at the top.