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CV Design


Active Member
Quite a few of those are pretty poor I think, I'd put them down without trying to digest all the info straight away.

Christa Roethlis-Berger's is nice though.
After about 10 minutes of loading It Finally got there and I thought they were quite average. Some of them were just way to over complicated and I think I would of just thrown them in the bin!


Senior Member
I saw about 5 which I thought were really good, 10 which were waayyy to overcomplicated and the rest just bad.


Senior Member
I think these are great examples of some good visual pieces, that perhaps are a little bit of overkill for a CV, maybe this sort of thing can help us clarify what makes a good CV?


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CVs have been a popular topic coming up for the past week so I'm sure this will help out some people :)

But when you make an extravagant resumé like that, I think it's more than obvious that you a normal text version as well...