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CV and Portfolio Feedback for job interview

Hey guys,

I'm currently working in a shop and there is a position coming up in the company's design team (i do have a graphic design background). I know the guy who owns the company so he has agreed to meet about the position. I would love to get a little feedback on my CV, mostly on the design of it as the content has been worked on a lot, but any comments are welcome. And of course my portfolio, please be as honest as you like...i can take it!

My CV is attached and my portfolio is here - Matthew Bryce | Portfolio. The company is called Suck UK - SUCK UK Products.

Thanks in advance,

My CV pdf is too large, i should probably know how to make it small enough, but im not sure. I know this is the wrong forum category but does anyone know how i do it? Currently 100kb on smallest file size setting (needs to be less than 20kb i believe).

Thanks again
Like it a lot! Clean and uncluttered. I think it works very well - you could perhaps design some representative icons for each of the skills, education and employment sections instead of the cubes; but it's fine as it is too =)