Customizing "Strokes"


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  1. Trying to figure out the best method to achive the angled effect at the end of a line. I’m assuming this is done by outlining the stroke and manipulating the points. Perhaps they are combining and deleteing segments with the shape builder tool?
  2. Anyone know what the style the “S” is? Looking for tuts on how to create letters like this.



in Illustrator
I'd use the shape builder tool, or an opacity mask.

one way to make S, roughly shown here,
You could draw the line shape with the Pen Tool. (no fill)
Switch to white arrow Direct Selection Tool, and drag the corner widget to make curves
Back to normal selection tool
Object >Path> Offset path
put preview on , highlight the offset field and increase untill it looks right, using the mouse scroll wheel if you like.

or you could find a sngle line font to work with



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Easier than the method I was going to try.

The corner widget you're referring to, is that in AI CS5 or one of the new features?