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CSS question

Is there anyway of making the gallery thumbnails on the right hand side sit at the bottom of the page instead of the top?

There is several different galleries that are going to have different numbers of images so there for margin doesn't work as I would have to set various styles for each gallery...



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Yeap make sure your outer container (the big white one) has
in your CSS - this will allow you to absolutely position other elements inside it.

Then put your thumbnails in a div if they're not already and give this

bottom: 20px; left:20px; /* sticks it to bottom left */
width:400px; /* or whatever you need */
By not specifying a height your container should then expand up as needed.

Alex L

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The tabs rounded edges aren't working in Google Chrome on Ubuntu for me and on the website under construction page, it states the website will be up by March 2010 not 2011, unless this project is running a year behind schedule...
Alex.. the website began at the beginning of 2010 and then he never got back to me for months... then he kept syaing he wanted it done but never got in touch properly to discuss... its only this year hes actually done something about it!
hi please help me.
I am new to CSS and still learning it.
I saw this sample code:

My question is: why there are two "margin-left: 16 px and 8 px"? shouldn't it be 24 px together?

Thanks for your attention,
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the '16px !important' should override the '8px', I guess someone has wanted to change the margin but somehow not noticed there is already a margin-left attribute in there, and therefore had to override it? Weird!