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CSS Problem Zen Drupal

Hi Guys,

Don't know if you can help. I am currently themeing a Drupal site and have used the zen theme to start right back to basics. I am trying to style are certain list item which has a class but I cannot seem to get anything to work Any idea's? Please see the image of where the list item is nested.


what would the css be for this? I have tried alsorts, the latest one being

#navigation #main-menu ul li.menu-121 last {
background: yellow;

I'm doing something wrong... :/

Cheers ladies n gents!


Senior Member
Just use .last, you don't need all the #navigation #main-menu ul li.menu-121 as well, that's making your CSS far too specific.
i know dude, but I dunno if that will work, ill try...

EDIT: Just tried it and it won't work with just the .last, I have the same issue with my personal site too with this silly nesting That these CMS's do. Grrrr!!


Senior Member
Okay what I think needs doing is a CSS rewrite. If you've got CSS full of #id #id .class element .class{ style:info; } then it really is too verbose.

All you really need to style that nav is:

#main-menu{}#main-menu li{}#main-menu a{}#main-menu .last{}
Yeah your right dude, however I was just trying to use the themes code it seems I ight have to do a lot of re writing for it as there's a lot like this. Am finding this first Drupal project of mine a bit of a pain. Cheers for the help Harry.