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CSS and PHP editing for Word press Theme

Hello ,
I need help for editing my footer and page height coding for word press theme. I have tried a lot for css but its not getting the desired results. May be any one of you can help me. Please see the bottom of page , I need footer in black and need to increase font size. I know it can be done in css but which code and where.?


Senior Member
Can we see a link? You shouldn't need to edit any sort of page height? it should just flow an be flexible? I could possibly help with something to look at?
Can you not just quickly check the DIV IDs or class in the footer.php file or even the source code and then use the CSS file applied to the theme? It'll usually be found in the CSS folder. A link would be useful if you want a more specific response though!
WordPress Themes are located in /wp-content/themes/ like any other WordPress Theme. They’re activated from the WordPress admin like any other theme. They’ll always have a style.css file and may often include a functions.php file. They can contain images folders, script folders and include folders. Really, they’re just like any other WordPress theme.
Except they don’t need theme files. None at all. Zero. You don’t need to understand PHP in the slightest to create a WordPress Child theme.

After you get the Themes . You can edit that theme as you want .There is special file for header and footer. thanks