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Just interested on peoples views on the monthly payment option for CS6. I've not seen any UK prices but US is $50 per month for individuals on an annual plan. You seem to get quite a lot of bang for your buck.

The Adobe Creative Cloud consists of:

Desktop Applications — Every tool that is currently in Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection, such as Photoshop®, InDesign®, Illustrator®, Dreamweaver®, Premiere® Pro, After Effects®, as well as innovative new tools that are currently in beta, such as Adobe Edge and Muse.

Touch Apps – Starting with the six Adobe Touch Apps announced at MAX , 2011 – Adobe Collage, Adobe Kuler, Photoshop Touch, Adobe Debut, Adobe Proto and Adobe Ideas.

Services – A version of Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite for delivering interactive publications on tablets, a tier of Adobe Business Catalyst for building and managing websites, and access to cloud-based fonts for website design from our acquisition of Typekit.

Community Collaboration features that allow members to share their creative work with other Creative Cloud members and forums to discuss and inspire new ideas.


I read up on this a while ago, it's certainly all very interesting, particularly the community collaboration features. I think this is going to be how they get people to pay for their products instead of them acquiring them in other ways - you can't illegally download a community willing to give feedback on your work. It will be interesting to see what else they will come up with in the future.

I'm still not sure about this payment option, which is essentially the same as renting a house in that you don't actually get anything physical for the money you pay. However, this may in fact work out much better value for money paying $50 a month than buying the physical copy when they release a new version every year or two.
I love the idea of subscribing. All the Adobe suite for 50% isn't a ba deal. I think its more expensive for the UK though.. I saw 46£ somewhere. In any case, you are looking for the price about £500 per year.

If you only want Photoshop CS6 I heard its less.. about 30£ resulting £360 a year.

If I am right to buy the entire bunch its about £2000. In any case the CS6 does look quite impressive imo.


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yeah but remember if you go cloud you don't own the software and so once you stop paying you don't have ANY software.... basically it cost's you half the price PER YEAR of retail to not have anything....

If you buy it you don't need to update every year and you will ALWAYS have the software.

And you could argue you don't NEED to update each year and who's to say any new features of CS6.5/7 are worth the upgrade, plenty of people still use cs5.
GilmoreVisuals said:
If I am right to buy the entire bunch its about £2000. In any case the CS6 does look quite impressive imo.
You can currently purchase Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 for less than £1,200 with a free upgrade to CS6 if purchased before May 6.
Photoshop has 3D incorporation and video editing too in CS6?

The point about £1,200 (or any similar price) is that it puts people off from getting it. When they are talking about 40 a month that already sounds realistic. I don't think it matters if you own the software or not... at the end of the day it's about the material you make, rather than the process of how you made it. The only problem I think there would be is if you didn't have possibilities of carrying on the monthly payment, which I do think most people can afford, compared to the grand... I think?

About the argument of needing to or not needing to upgrade (from CS to CS)... how do you (anyone) decide when to upgrade or not? I mean, from CS2 to CS3? 3 to 4? 4 to 5? 5 to 5.5? ...and now 5.5 to 6? Which ones are needed?

I'm on CS4 at the moment, and I am trying to decide whether or not to upgrade...


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GilmoreVisuals said:
I'm on CS4 at the moment, and I am trying to decide whether or not to upgrade...
the fact you can't decide says you don't NEED to....

And the 3d functions in photoshop are pretty pointless lol
Could that be due to my overall naivety of the upgrades? Maybe if I were still on CS3 I wouldn't think I needed CS4, when maybe it would save me lots of time (for example).


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go look at what features the new version has and then decide, seriously though it's unlikely you will NEED to upgrade unless you do a lot of cloning lol
I think a subscription based service is quite a good idea and it's definitely something I'd consider. As someone who's looking to 'get back into design' it's hard for me to justify (to the missus!) dropping £1.5k+ on software.

Does anyone know if you have to comit to any lengthy contract though? Or is it just a rolling monthly sorta thing?

It could even work as motivational tool - I'd certainly be more inclined to ensure a regular output of work if I was thinking "crikey, I've paid £40 for this, I'd better make use of it this month!"



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don't bother gilmore, pretty sure dawidtailor is trying to spam the forum, just hasn't worked out hyperlinks lol... would also argue they're not American too